Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

Zinc plays vital role in healing, strengthening immune system (protecting from diseases), to taste, smell and supports normal growth in during pregnancy, childhood and also adolescence.

This shows how important is Zinc to our body. Right from the mother’s womb till your grow big and reach a certain age where your become strong to protect your self Zinc supports you, helps you.

Deficiency in such an important thing can expose you to a bunch of diseases. But how could you know that you’ve Zinc deficiency? Here goes important symptoms which you can see when your body has low zinc.

Top 5 Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

#1 Weakened immune system

Zinc is a co-factor in cell division and protein synthesis. Having low percent of zinc will affect your immune system. Which will then expose you to bacteria. Thus making you prone to diseases.

#2 Spots on fingernails

zinc deficiency - white spots on nails

What to see if you’re healthy or want to check if you’ve zinc deficiency? Then check out your nails and if you’ve clean nails then you’re good. White or dark spots on it is a sign of deficiency.

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#3 Hair loss and skin lesion

As you know Zinc is important for cell growth, Zinc deficiency weakens cells and this causes hair fall. Also lesion. Lesion is any damaged area in body, they cause change in color like forming red spots on your skin or rashes. More about Lesion here.

#4 Loss of appetite

Not willing to eat, you can see this in many children and teens who’ve Zinc deficiency.

#5 Impairment of cognitive in pregnant women

Zinc deficiency in pregnant women affects not only mother but also child. As Zinc is a co-factor in DNA and cell division, this deficiency may inherit to baby. Which should be avoided.

Here are few ways to increase zinc percentage.

This can treated bu Zinc supplement, take zinc through diet. Here are few zinc rich foods  wheat, oats, pumpkin seeds, eggs, milk, oysters, nuts, meat, and peas.

Anyway if you’re diagnosed then you must consult doctor immediately.

Few more resource on Zinc deficiency symptmos

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