Your Nail Polish Can Cause Cancer, Really?

Right from the start, we don’t recommend nail polish to our users. As it has more chemicals which can harm you. Recently when we decided to see what other blogs are saying about nail polish chemicals, we got few such posts which shared real time examples of people who suffered from nail polish chemicals.

Just to bring this matter to you we’re sharing those things here in this post.

A study shows that nail polish contains hazardous chemicals which bring health problems like, cancer, birth defects and fertility problems. A nail salon professional who worked years with these chemicals substances says that cause for her cancer may be chemicals involved in nail polish. Now she is taking classes to keep her salon environmental friendly.

“We’re trying to train nail technicians on safer practices. But we’re all dependent on good information from product labels,” said Sushma Bhatia, toxics reduction program manager for the San Francisco Environment Department.

More detailed story here.

Surprised? Even we when read that post.

How harmful is it and we use it daily.

The shiny metallic liquid (nail polish) may give you stylish look and look attractive but see how much it can harm your health.

It’s not only we, in 2006 and 2007 a campaign started on safe cosmetic by With this many big nail polish brand removed few really harmful chemicals from there ingredients. European Union, banned companies from using DBP in 2005, while US has not restricted any cosmetic from this.

Remove your nail polish with natural nail polish remover tips and you can try natural nail polish which don’t block oxygen from entering nails.

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