Yellow Cuticles – Reason for color change

If you’re not aware of what a cuticle is, it’s a thin skin layer surrounding nails. It protects nail bed form bacterial and fungal infection. Here is the detailed post on cuticle. If you see yellow color surrounding cuticles or your cuticles turning to yellow color then you must know that your cuticles are infected.

Infection can be through a bacteria, fungi or through a cut. This is the reason why it’s said not to cut cuticles, just push them with a wooden stick. Care should be taken while cutting nail edges, if any gap left between then nail plate and nail bed bacteria or fungus affect cuticles/nail bed.

yellow cuticles

What happens when you cut cuticles?

It forms a gap, when it gets exposed to moist bacteria can easily effect and gradually it eats away cuticles forming yellow color or sometimes leaving it dry.

How to Treat Yell0w Cuticles?

  • Don’t cut cuticles.
  • Stay away from water for longer time.
  • Take Vitamin A, E & D in rich quantity.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Don’t bite cuticles.
  • Take care while cutting nail edges, use square shaped nail cutter.
  • Practice good hygiene.



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