Why I’ve White Spots on Fingernails?

You might come across a white spot on your fingernails, you tried to remove it by scratching thinking it’s a stain. But one of your colleague suggested that it’s the sign of calcium or zinc deficiency and when you Google you will find one more cause for white spots i.e liver disease.

But let’s break this out, white spots on nails is not caused by calcium or zinc deficiency. It is caused by nail trauma, may be your nail got injured few weeks before. (source)

zinc deficiency - white spots on nails These white spots are called leukonychia, though the name sounds dangerous it’s not. It’s very common. Causes of white spots can be an injury, white spots comes up after weeks of injury. Manicure, nail allergy and nail hardener can also cause white spots on nails.

Whatever the cause these white spots on fingernails are temporary.

If you see these white spots on all fingernails then it’s advanced form and it may be because of liver disease, anemia and other health problems. Because nails show how healthy are you.

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