Why Fingernails Grow Faster in Cold?

Nails grow when there is a good blood circulation. In cold fingernails don’t grow. Yes, it is your misconception that nails grow faster in cold.

Nails and hairs grow faster in warmer climate when compared to cold. The reason why people think fingernails grow faster in cold is, nail matrix gets damaged, deforming nails (brittle, thickened…). You will see nail grow out of matrix and this may seem faster nail growth to many.

fingernails grow faster in cold Reason for nail matrix is not just cold but vitamin deficiency and trauma can be behind this.

If you want to grow nails faster in cold then do few works outs to increase blood flow. As you know that good blood circulation helps nails to grow faster.

  • Do regular exercise.
  • Take vitamins and proteins in your diet.
  • Stay in warm place by wearing gloves.
  • Give yourself a regular manicure and pedicure.

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