Why Do My Nails Peel and Split

In many cases we see our hands get peel off and split, this might be due to the vitamin deficiency or by the routine works. Weak, brittle nails may split or peel our nails and break easily which is a common disorder. In many cases the nails are not suggestive of a basic medical problem.

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why do my nails split

This problem is seen mostly in the winter due to the low humid and the dry heat. Onychoschizia is the nominal tenure for brittle and breaking nails. Most of people with this condition find deteriorate in the winter. There are several ways for us to improve the condition of the nails from good to bad.

If our nails are peeling or have small notches which are called pits, we may have some skin where this problem can occur. If the problem is away from your hands it would be better to consult the doctor.

Continuous in contact with the water like washing dishes, weakness, brittle nails leads to the peel of the finger nail.

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Use nail remover very less as it contains acetone that weakens our nails.

Many people who go for frequent manicures have to face this problem.

Biting the nails or picking at cuticles can lead the bacteria to form. This weakens our nail root and cause brittle nails.

Iron deficiency may lead to this problem, but for many people won’t take it serious until it hurts more than what it is now. If we have proper diet we can be nail free deficiency. We can also identify the problem like if our fingernails are brittle and peel when compare to the toenail. Because the toenail is healthy then the problem is not internal.

Delicate nails will peel and crack. This is quite common worry and there are few reasons why the nails are brittle:

Age: As our age is more and the healthy and strong suit of nails will get weaken and spited.

Damage to nails: One of the most frequent reasons of peeling and splitting the nails is due to the tedious exposure to water at the time of swimming, washing vessels, bathing, chemical expose or biting the nails. Continuous biting of nails will lead to the breakage.

Proper Diet: Calcium, iron and vitamins A and D are essential to have healthy and strong nails. Deficiency of vitamin B12 will lead to the dry nails which can easily leads to the split.

Or are clubbed – see you doctor as these findings may indicate a more serious underlying medical condition.


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