Why are my nails so weak?

Many of us get this question “Why my nails are weak?” As it’s really annoying to see peeling and brittle nails. But seriously what is the reason you think behind nail fall?

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It can be vitamin deficiency problem or due to nail fungus.

When we made research on this topic we got more interesting way to explain you about your nails.

#1 Stop yourself from Bad habits

No, no we’re telling you’re bad, we knew you’re good that’s why you’re here caring about your nails. But there are few things which you might miss.

  • Don’t use nail as tools to open screw.
  • Don’t wash dishes without gloves.
  • Don’t bite your nails. (Read on how to stop yourself)

#2 Pamper your nails

Your nails deserve pampering, reason? They add good impression when you meet any new person. Use gloves while working, give your nails manicure (women manicure, men manicure), take healthy food as vitamins are very important for strong nails, use moisturizer after washing. Keep it clean, to free from fungus.

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#3 See the doctor if you seen dark or yellow nails

Don’t wait until it spread to other nails, if you’re in doubt that you’ve fungus on your nails then immediately consult a Doctor.

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Few more reasons why your nails are weak



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