Why Are My Cuticles So Dry?

Our hands are exposed to dirt and dust, than any other parts of the body. Nails in particular, gather much dirt/dust. Though we take care of our body, we don’t pay much attention to cuticles when compared to other parts. Reason for neglecting is that, they’re small and not everyone will notice them. But the truth is cuticles add beauty to your nails which then adds beauty to your hands to make your look good.

dry cuticles

Congrats! You decided to be out of that group who don’t take care cuticles.

Reasons for dry cuticles are, cutting cuticles, lack of moisturizer and low vitamin in your diet.

No need to worry dry cuticles is common. If you follow below steps you can get rid of it.

Get rid of Dry Cuticles

  1. Don’t bite or cut your cuticles. Even if they’re dry. Also don’t allow any nail manicurist to do so. In few states, cutting cuticles is illegal. Soak your hands in warm water and with a wooden stick push cuticles. (If you don’t know how to do consult an expert)
  2. Cutting cuticles will make them grow twice faster. Through the gap which is left after cutting cuticles bacteria invades.
  3. Apply moisturizer (homemade or cream) to hands. Whenever you see dryness or roughness apply moisturizer cream.
  4. Eat healthy. Cuticles are living tissues just like the rest of your skin. Good amount of vitamins are needed to keep them healthy. Reason behind dryness or roughness can be lack of vitamins in your diet. Read here for vitamin rich food.
  5. Pamper your cuticles. Like you love your face, hands and yourself, you need to love cuticles. Love helps you to keep them hygiene.


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