What is Morton’s Toe?

If you see your second toe looks longer than first tow (big toe) then you’ve a Morton’s toe. What exactly Morton’s tow mean?

Morton’s toe or long toe or Greek toe is caused when metatarsal of first toe is shorter than second toe, resulting second toe to move forward and look longer. In few countries long toe is treated as unlucky (just superstitious), it’s common 10-20% of population have Morton’s toe.

Morton’s toe foot pain

Though it’s common and seen in many people. It creates heavy pain when not treated or taken care. With imbalanced foot posture your body posture changes which in turn raises more health problems. Like…

It can also lead to black toenail and overpronation.

Morton’s toe treatment

Finding right shoes that fits your foot is highly recommended. Confirm yourself that your shoes has some extra space for your longer toe so that it will not get hurt when you walk or run.

Though some Doctors suggest for a surgery Dr. Morton (who wrote a book on this issue) says that it will not stop it’s orientation and problems like bunions would still be a likely result. Few more suggest for placing a pad underneath head of first metatarsal.

Anyway if you think Morton’s toe is very painful then consult your doctor immediately.

Morton’s toe Pictures

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