What Causes Iron Deficiency?

iron deficiency Thinking why I included Iron deficiency topic here? If you’re following my blog posts then you might have read post on best vitamins for nail growth. As if you want strong nails then you must have good amount of vitamins. When you’ve health body your nails automatically look clean and white. (Nails tells about your health).

Iron deficiency caused by various reasons, main reasons are 1) lack of iron in your body, 2) need more iron which you’re not providing.

In both cases you will see Iron deficiency.

Common reasons that causes iron deficiency are.

Inadequate diet

There are 2 types of iron heme iron (meat) and non-heme iron (plants). Not consuming enough amount of heme iron or non-heme iron, an poorly balanced diet can be the reason behind iron deficiency.

Heme iron foods are meat, poultry, fish, and iron-fortified foods.

Non-heme iron foods are good non meat sources of iron include iron-fortified breads and cereals, beans, tofu, dried fruits, and spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables.

During pregnancy or in childhood. It’s hard to get enough iron to your diet, as you will be in need of more iron, when you fail to take more iron at these stages then you fall off iron deficiency.

Losing iron by blood loss

When you loose blood by an accident or any other way then you lose iron too. In women long menstrual periods with high bleeding may cause iron deficiency. While pregnant women lose huge amount of blood which in turn lose iron deficiency.

Internal bleeding and other ways can lead to iron deficiency problem.

Inability to absorb iron

Sometimes your body may have problem in absorbing rich amount of iron. Reason can be problem in our intestines or a surgery. Anyway in these cases you must follow your Doctor prescription.



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