What are best vitamins for nail growth

Manicures are one way to make your nails look good. But to make it healthy you must intake vitamins. So, what vitamins are good for nails?

Prior to that lets discuss how you can tell that you’ve vitamin deficiency.

Are you nails peeling? Are they weak? Do you see white spots on your nails? Or dark lines?

Then you’ve vitamin deficiency (there are many other symptoms).

Tamara Lior, a Florida-based dermatologist, says healthy nails reflect a healthy body. If you’ve weak, dry and dull nails then your body lacks vitamins. Without any ado, lets see what are best vitamins for nails.

What vitamins are good for nails?

Nails are composed of keratin, it’s a protein found in hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns etc… For strong nails it’s not only protein that you will in need but also Vitamin B, A, C, calcium, zinc, Iron, Biotin etc…

B-Complex vitamin

The whole B-complex vitamins are essential for healthy and strong nails. Biotin which belongs to B-complex vitamins is very important in cell growth and other vitamin B utilization. Biotin deficiency causes dry, brittle nails.

And to get rid of this you need to take Biotin rich foods like, Egg yolks, wheat germ, soybeans, whole grains or you can also take supplements but need to contact Doctor before taking. A research proved that daily dose of biotin can treat brittle nails.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency make your nails excessive dark and dry. Consume egg, cheese or take supplement.


If you’ve Iron deficiency then you nails will peel and fall, and your nails become brittle. To increase Iron consume nuts, meat, leafy vegetables.

Read on for zinc and calcium deficiency.

Few more points on vitamins for nails.

  1. Vitamin A – helps in nail growth, if you’re worried with short nails then consume vitamin A rich food.
  2. Vitamin C  deficiency known has “hang nails”, Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin E, good for blood circulation, to increase nail growth.
  4. Eat carrot for carotene.

Last but not least.

Take more vitamin rich foods, drink more water, and be happy don’t make  yourself stress.


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