The Simplest ways to make the best of Traditional Manicures

Hope you know what is manicure, if not read on here. Manicure dates back 4,000 years. So it’s no surprise you’ve a traditional form of manicure to do. Are you curious and about knowing history about manicure? Then read on here.

Here goes the way to make best of traditional manicure

#1 Remove Nail Polish

Start with removing nail polish. Use acetone-free nail polish remover. See that you don’t have old polish stains on your nails. With cotton balls wipe your nails to make it free form polish.

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#2 Soak your nails

Take salty or soapy solution and soak your hands so that you easily remove cuticles. You can also use aromatic oil to solution. Use nail brush to remove dirty or polish on your nails. With this tool you can easily remove dead cells or dirt underneath your nails.

#3 Nourish your nails with hand lotion or gel

traditional manicure

Select the best product suitable to your skin to nourish your nails. Then using towel fry your hands and nails.

#4 Push back cuticles

Use wood file to push back cuticles. This is why you need to soak your nails, so that it makes easier to remove cuticles.

#5 Use nail file and small grained file to shape nails

Using nail file you can shape your nails. Select nail file with square shaped so that you will feel pain. And using grained file for shaping and for finer nail sharping. You can also use, Nail clippers to cut your nails.

Then you’re free to apply nails polish but we personally don’t recommend it. As nail polishing is deadliest sin, read on here.

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