Why do Toenails Smell Like Cheese?

Or you can say why do cheeses smell like toenails? Bacteria called Brevibacteria is responsible for the smell both in cheese and toenails. So, if your toenails smelling cheese them probably you’re affected by bacteria.

Brevibacteria which are responsible for this bad odor are found in sweat areas, as most of the times our feet or toes sweat it’s easy for these bacteria to grow there. Well these bacteria are harmless but as they grow the bad smell grows, the chemical responsible for this weird odor is S-methyl thioestersAnd it looks like they form cheese under your nails though they smell cheese not tasty like cheese. Probably you’re affected by fungal infection.

toenails smell cheese Now, you need to start worrying, fungal infection is called Onychomycosis which is not so easy to treat. You need to either consult a doctor or use medicine. I know one such treatment guide which will cure fungal infection; many got treated and most trusted over the world. CLICK HERE FOR MEDICINE.

How to avoid cheese smelling toenails?

Bacteria, which are responsible for odor are found in moist place. Keep your feet (toenails) hygienic

  • Wash away the sweat on feet regularly.
  • Pat them dry and apply moisturizer cream.
  • Cut toenails but don’t cut cuticles also don’t cut them too short.
  • Wash your socks regularly.
  • Don’t use others socks or shoes.
  • Wear slippers around the house.
  • As soon as you see cheese or bad odor, wash them with soap.
  • In case you see yellow toenails visit doctor.

At last pamper your feet like your fingers, because they deserve it! 🙂


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