Toenail fungus pictures

Toenail fungus caused by Dermatophyte, it is a type of fungus. Brittle, one-sided and faded toenails are the source of major reason in lack of self-confidence in many people. This type of fungus can be enormously difficult to treat, as often several forms of fungus can be seen in the infected toenail concurrently.

Toenail fungus pictures

toenail fungus earlier stages

discolored toenail

toenail fungus2

toenail fungus

toenail bleeding

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These fungus will appear in white, yellow and black color. If these toenail fungus are not treated on time it will start spreading even to our body. The common marks can be seen and pains a lot. The symptoms for the Toenail Fungus are:

  • Dull color
  • Odor in nail
  • Pain in the fungus effected area
  • Brittle
  • Distortion in the shape

This fungus can occur in different ways. These are created in wet and warm environment like gyms, tubs, steam bath rooms, swimming pools are the places for fungus. Even wearing tight socks, shoes will also cause the fungus. Whenever we go out have to wear washed socks, avoid tight socks because it doesn’t allow air and the starts sweating. Sweating also causes fungus. Treatment is not always needed if we take proper precautions on time will help us in slow down the fungus.

If the fungus is spread all over the toenail we can consult a physician, these people will collect piece of nail and will send to laboratory to find out the reason for the infection.

More Toenail fungus pictures here.

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