Toenail Fungus Pictures Before and After Treatment

Toenails get affected with fungus than fingernails because you don’t take care of your feet. It’s better to prevent than curing. Here are few tips on precautions and causes which can help you in preventing fungus to effect  your nails.

Recently I came across a blog post where the admin discussed his personal experience. I’d like to share those pictures here.

Starting toenail picture before starting treatment

toenail fungus before

After 2 weeks later

toenail fungus after

And after completing treatment after 2 week (total 4 weeks)

toenail fungus after

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You can share your toenail fungus experience, it’s common and no need to hide.


  1. […] Any discoloration, then again, takes months to treat. In reality, for a few other folks, a new toenail takes a year to grow. If in case you have ordinary discoloration, don’t expect effects […]

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