Cutting Toenail too short may cause infection

Cutting nails should be done with utmost care else you may end harming your toes. I think there is no need to discuss about importance of cutting nails everyone knew about it. With long nails breakage is common and you’ll have weak nails.

To avoid pain and infection with too short nails, you must follow a procedure while cutting nails.

Note: Stop biting nails.

Toenail cut too short?

my toenail falling Prior to procedure (which is not a rocket science but simple words and tips which I practice) lets discuss what happens if you cut your finger and toenails too short?

First thing is it will be painful and you tend to regrow nail quickly but you can’t. Sometimes if it gets exposed to dirt and fungus prone areas like public places, sharing bath rooms, swimming pools, used socks etc…, then fungus may attack and make things worse.

So what you’ve to do?

Put some disinfectant or apply some antibiotic if you think it’s important. Stay away form public places and don’t use others socks or shoes.

Avoid too short cut.

Use best nail clipper or cutter which cut your nails in round shape. Don’t cut nails too close to toes or fingers. And don’t bit them. Don’t cut cuticles, press them with wooden stick.

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