The Most Common Myths about Manicure

common manicure myths

You’ll find nothing like a fresh nail polish coat helps you to total your look. Even greater, being capable to rest and treat yourself as you have manicure. Although you will find a great deal of myths out there concerning manicures but you don’t recognize that they’re generally common myths. That’s the reason why we talked to the nail specialist to find out comprehend.

Most common manicure myths

#1 Filing nails strongly is the better process of nail shaping

An expert knows the way to file your nails effectively so they don’t break or peel or turn out to be misshapen. Should you really want to file in the home in between beauty parlor goes to, proceed with simple on your nails and use a 180 grit nail file.

#2 Natural and organic nail polish is required

The fact is, the word ‘organic’ is not licensed on beauty products. If you wish too many natural nail polishes, consult your manicurist and ask nail polish instead of organic like water based nail polish.

#3 Gel manicure and acrylics are the similar

Not the Similar. Even though acrylics last longer and are less pricey in few places, gels are likely to be simpler to apply & better for nail bed, resulting in more healthy nails.

#4 Gels might be easily removed in your home

Not almost, though gels are usually removed at your home, it is time taking process and simple to wreck, in salon it will take only fifteen minutes to remove.

#5 Regularly cuticles need be cut

A bad concept at all. This bit of pores and skin is a barrier to microorganism and fungus, by aggressively cutting them can build up your possibility of infection, as smartly as make cuticles grow back thicker. Rather, soak the nails in warm water, after that apply a bit of oil and then using cuticle pusher  slowly push them back for your secure bet, wait for your next visit to salon and have an expert, do it like him.


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