Your Nail Polish Can Cause Cancer, Really?

Right from the start, we don’t recommend nail polish to our users. As it has more chemicals which can harm you. Recently when we decided to see what other blogs are saying about nail polish chemicals, we got few such posts which shared real time examples of people who suffered from nail polish chemicals. Just […]

Homemade Natural Nail Polish Remover Methods

Like nail polish commercial nail polish remover contains chemicals as it’s ingredients which can harm your nails. It’s not recommended to keep such harmful chemicals where you’ve kids. So, how can you remove nail polish? Using natural nail polish remover you can wipe old nail polish. This method is free from side effects, less expensive […]

Best Natural Nail Polish You Never Heard About

Whatever nail polish you use it contains chemicals. So we personally don’t recommend nail polishes, even natural nail polish contains chemicals but they are free from three such chemicals which are very harmful (toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde). Nail polish blocks oxygen to enter to your nails which makes difficult for nails to breathe […]