5 Factors for Beautiful Manicure Tips

Here go 5 most needed factors for a beautiful manicure. Being Hygiene Regular washing of hands is important to keep your hands hygiene. But you must also see that you wash underneath the nails. Nails underneath is the most polluted area in whole body as all the chemicals and dirty get settled here. And the […]

The Simplest ways to make the best of Traditional Manicures

Hope you know what is manicure, if not read on here. Manicure dates back 4,000 years. So it’s no surprise you’ve a traditional form of manicure to do. Are you curious and about knowing history about manicure? Then read on here. Here goes the way to make best of traditional manicure #1 Remove Nail Polish Start with […]

What is a dry manicure?

Every trendy woman must coordinate her get dressed together with her jewelry, make-up and beauty care. At the same time as the standard procedure for professional hands and fingernail care is well known to all young women, girls of business don’t have any time for extended hand care. For this reason they like the protected dry manicure. To […]

The Most Common Myths about Manicure

You’ll find nothing like a fresh nail polish coat helps you to total your look. Even greater, being capable to rest and treat yourself as you have manicure. Although you will find a great deal of myths out there concerning manicures but you don’t recognize that they’re generally common myths. That’s the reason why we […]

History of Manicure

Manicure is a treatment to fingernails and hands at home or nail salon for better look. Manicure involves nail filing, shaping and hand massage, also applying polish. You can read more about the manicure process here. History of Manicure Manicure history dates from more than 4,000 years. In China in 3,000 BC nail color indicated […]

5 Manicure Tips for Women

Here goes 5 simple manicure tips for Women. In case if you’re new to manicure and curious to know what the heck is manicure, read here. 5 Manicure Tips for Women #1. Step one is to lay out your table. Heat some of your oil within the microwave, but just for a couple of seconds […]

How to do Male Manicure

If we want to go for a manicure being a men then what is the issue in that. We furthermore desire clean hands and a hygienic body. Manicures are great fun and it is suggested if you are men or women, one should proceed for manicures. With more and more unisex salons and well equipped […]

Importance of Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure is one of the best ways to keep our nails look beautiful and healthy. This helps in growth of our nails. This is very important to women as well as men. We use our Hands all the day doing work at home, office etc… At home while cooking food or while taking […]

How to Give Yourself Manicure in 8 Steps

Manicure is a beauty care for fingers that is made at beauty salon as well as at home. Manicure is used to clean, wash, massage, shape and paint the nails to look dazzling. Most of our daily work will be done with our hands when compared to other parts of our body. Most of the […]

What is Manicure?

A cosmetic beauty treatment given to hands or finger nails which incorporates cuticles and nail polish is known as Manicure. In beauty salon where you find lots of cosmetic services manicure is one among them, other services like pedicure, waxing, facials, massages and much more. Manicure comes from the Latin word manus mean “hand” and […]