What is Nail Bed and it’s Function?

Nail bed is located under nail plate, it consists of all blood vessels, nerves and lymph. Nail matrix is a part of nail bed which is responsible to create cells which develop nail plate. Nail matrix is located under nail plate at the origin of nail, where as nail bed is located under nail plate […]

Cuticle Infection – Treatment, Pictures and Causes

When you cut cuticles willingly or unwillingly this leaves a space which allows bacteria and fungus to enter, they grow with time and lead to serious problem on your nail bed or around nails. This is cuticle infection and it is also called as Paronychia. Cuticle infection causes serious read swollen painful area around nails. […]

What is Paronychia?

Paronychia is a skin infection caused on nail bed or nail folds. It can either be caused on fingernails or toenails. It’s common and eveyone will experience it atleast once in their life time. Symptoms of Paronychia? Paronychia is causes red, swollen painful area around nails, often attacking cuticles or hanging nails. Nails look discolored, […]

What are Cuticles?

Cuticles are related to both in human anatomy and in biology to describe the waxy covering of a leaf.  In human anatomy cuticles are a small area of skin above finger and toenails. Cuticles covers the area where nails connect with fingers. It’s delicate and thin can be removed easily. If you’ve a habit of […]

Is it Bad to Cut Your Cuticles?

Hands are most used and hard workers in our whole body. This why we take it as granted and pay very less attention to it. But while going for a party you look at our fingers and nails to make it attractive and beautiful. Most of you visit manicure salon or nail salon for giving […]

Proper Cuticle Care Tips to Follow

Hands are considered as a reflection of social status. Years ago royal families polish nails red as a symbol of their social status, including men. Though now men don’t polish clean and healthy hands are always considered as good social status. While taking about hands you must give special care to nails and cuticles, as […]