What are Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are characterized by fragility, ridges, splits, and abnormal thickening with peeling layers. It is a fairly common condition—occurring in about 20% of the population with about twice the number of women affected as men. Nail potential or hardness is basically on account of the prime proportion of sulfur, which serves to stabilize the […]

Why Do My Nails Peel and Split

In many cases we see our hands get peel off and split, this might be due to the vitamin deficiency or by the routine works. Weak, brittle nails may split or peel our nails and break easily which is a common disorder. In many cases the nails are not suggestive of a basic medical problem. […]

Brittle Nails Causes

Women having beautiful, healthy and strong nails make them feel confidence when they meet group of people together. But, having nails damaged are the signs of brittle nails. They are many causes for the brittle nails like: Having dryness Breakage of the nails Splits or marks on the nails Gaunt in appearance of the nails […]