10 Summer Foot Care Tips

Summer is a season that sets a lot of problems. Especially face, hands and foot. We have to take care during summer with proper precautions. Because, when we expose foot it has to look beautiful. For those beautiful legs we need to take care.

10 Summer Foot Care Tips

  1. Wash the legs frequently because it sweats a lot in summer. Never wear tight shoes because we get rashes to a foot, which looks odd.
  2. Take some warm water in a tub or a small bucket and add a little amount of shampoo in it. And soak your legs in water for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Take foot scrubber and rub the foot till the dust is cleared and we can also use pumice stone.
  4. Cut your nails and give it a nice shape, and also remove the dirt that is stick in between nails using nail cutter.
  5. Now apply some scrub, moisturizing cream and foot cream to the foot and massage it for 15-20 minutes. These creams are available in market or else can use any moisturizing creams
  6. Never repeat the socks because of its odor
  7. Apply moisturizing cream when you move out because our foot exposes directly to sun and causes rashes, allergy etc.
  8. Never wear shoes leave your foot free.
  9. Use sun protection cream
  10. Wear socks when you go out in sun.

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