What is Subungual Hematoma – Causes and Treatment

When you hit your toe to hard surface normally happens while running, blood accumulates underneath nail plate and nail bed causing sever pain and discolored nail. This condition is known as Subungual Hematoma. It is commonly known as runner’s toe, has it is common among runners.

No need to worry if you don’t have broken or severely injured nail.

Subungual Hematoma Causes

It normally caused when you hit any hard thing on your finger or toenail. So, causes may vary from person to person, anyway below are few normal causes of Subungual Hematoma.

  • Slamming finger in a car or house door.
  • Hitting your toes to hard surface.
  • Hitting fingernails with hammer hardly.
  • Or dropping any heavy object on your toes.

Subungual Hematoma Treatment

A subungual hematoma is seldom worrisome when you don’t have serious injury. Anyway to treat your nail, if in case you saw a serious blow then immediately visit your doctor, as you also may have broken other parts too.

To treat subungual hematoma, either accumulated blood must be taken out or total nail plate must be removed in case nail plate broken. To remove accumulated blood a hole must be made through nail.

It’s recommended to visit a doctor if you see serious injury.



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