How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish looks really great on you nail, but after some time you need to get them removed or reapply once again. You have all heard that you could not do remove shellac nail polish yourself, but the fact is that with the knowledge and right materials, removing Shellac nail polish is not so difficult.

Things you need for Shellac Nail Polish Removal

  • Nail and cuticle conditioning oil
  • 5 round cotton pads
  • Scotch tape
  • Cuticle stick
  • Kitchen foil
  • Acetone
  • Scissors
  • Buffer
  • Aluminum Foil

Note: You shouldn’t do the following thing.

  • File off Shellac layer with a drill or file
  • Soak Shellac nails in acetone

Unless you would like to harm your nails and end up with brittle and flaky nails.

Steps to remove Shellac Nail Polish:

1. Make cotton pads large enough to cover the whole nail. At the time of squashed, the cotton pads should cover your whole nail and for cotton pads cut them to shape and size.

2. Use aluminium foil to wrap your entire finger tip.

3. After that, use cuticle oil to protect the finger skin from the acetone.

4. You need to soak as well as saturate the cotton pads in acetone.

5. After that, you need to place that cotton pad over your nail and wrap the shellac remover.

6. The sixth step is to tight the shellac remover and you can leave shellac remover wraps on for ten minutes.

4. Once the time has completed, you need to gently massage the shellac remover wrap to cut the shellac nail polish into pieces.

5. After that, you need to pull wrap off the finger. Some brittle and flakes may still remain on your fingernails. You can remove them with an orange wood stick. If the shellac nail polish is not removing simply, round the aluminium foil with the cotton pad again and wait for more five minutes.

6. After remove the flakes you can clean your nails gently with pure acetone.

7. All is done and now you are ready to reapply shellac nails.

When you are removing shellac nail polish, it is necessary to pay attention to the above discussed details, especially the timing. You can put on your favorite music, make yourself relax and a nice cuppa. Just make sure to always love your nails and remove shellac nail polish kindly!

So, you have removed your shellac nail polish, now it is time to begin selecting your next shellac color for your nails!

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