Remedies for Dark Fingers and Toenails

We find ourselves pampering our face more than other parts of our body. But we forget that dark or discolored nails will be spoilsports in a party.

So, cleaning and taking care of your nails is as important as cleaning your face. Just imagine how awkward feeling it would be when you shake hands with your dark striped finger nails?

Can it be a good interaction? No.

When you and your partner discover these awkward looking lines, could you dare to use your fingernails for gesture? No.

Dark Fingers and Toenails home remedies

Need to get rid of dark finger and toenails are very important.

Dark fingers and Toenails Causes

Normally dark color is formed by a fungal infection or it can be due to trauma. If you see dark color covered more than 25% of your nail then you must visit to the dermatologist.

Anyway in acute case you can treat this dark colored nails at your home using few simple remedies. Here are few home remedies jot down if you want.

Home remedies for dark finger and toenails

#1 Keep your feet away from moist. Fungi grow in moist areas, so pat your nails dry as soon as you take bath or after swimming.

#2 Soak your fingernails/toenails in water and vinegar solution for about half an hour. This reduced the pH level in nails and killing fungus. Have patience as it takes few weeks to get rid completely.

#3 Cut your nails with care. Mostly you may end up hurting your nails or cuticles while trimming your nails.

#4 Avoid wearing tight shoes or used socks.

#5 Wear flippers in public places like at swimming pools and shared rooms.

#6 Wear moisture absorbing socks instead of synthetic socks go for cotton socks.

#7 Use tea-tree oil. It’s a great remedy for curing nail fungus. Mix tea tree oil with vinegar. Apply the solution on your nails using a cotton dipper.

#8 Anti-microbial soap will help to prevent further infection.

#9 Mix combined drops of Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar drops. And apply the solution to affected nails. Hydrogen peroxide makes your nails white.

#10 You can also apply Apple cider vinegar. It strengths your nails, a remedy for nail fungus and fasten nail growth.

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