Proper Cuticle Care Tips to Follow

Hands are considered as a reflection of social status. Years ago royal families polish nails red as a symbol of their social status, including men. Though now men don’t polish clean and healthy hands are always considered as good social status. While taking about hands you must give special care to nails and cuticles, as this is one feature that often gets neglected my most of them.

About nails we already discussed here.

Now lets first see what are cuticles? Am sure many of you don’t know about it. As you pay less attention on it. Cuticle is a defensive layer which prevents bacteria to enter nail growth area.

So what care you should take? You need to push cuticle with wooden stick. But be careful. You might think why should we push cuticle while they are protecting nails from bacteria. Skin cells of cuticles become dry by time and they form a unhealthy look around nails, you must have noticed this before.  Proper cuticle care makes your nails and hands look healthy.

Steps on Proper cuticle care

1. Don’t cut your cuticles – Dermatologist don’t recommend cutting cuticles as cutting it will leave space and bacteria can enter from there.

2. Push cuticles with wooden stick – Push them with stick gently. Consult nail professional in this case.

3. Apply moisturizer – Cuticles easily get dry so it’s important to keep them moisturized. Else they will peel and split leaving an ugly look.

4. Avoid rough manicure – As soon as you see any uncommon things on nails rush to dermatologist. While doing manicure push cuticles gently.

5. Don’t keep your nails in your mouth

Stop biting nails.

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  1. […] Sometimes cuticle cells become dead and they form a unhealthy look on your fingernails which is not recommend. But you shouldn’t cut them or bite, push them with wooden stick. More here. […]

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