Pincer Nails – Causes and Treatment

Pincer Nail Deformity

The Pincer nail is a kind of toenail disorder where transverse over curvature occurs. Here the lateral sides of the nails will start to approach each other. Frankly, this condition is quite worse and painful as the nail bed could compress and even the underlying dermis. This particular condition is even termed as trumpet nails or omega nails. This Pincer nail disease would occur most commonly in the fingernails and there are no huge symptoms with regard to it. However unlike the outgrown nails whose characteristics are affecting the single part of the toenail, this so called pincer nail would affect all the basic sides of the nail plate.


Characteristics of Pincer Nail

Cracked or brittle nails
Nail becoming thick
● Discomfort and pain
● C-Curve nails
● Infection and inflammation
● Area surrounding the nail becomes tender and reddish

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Factors causing Pincer Nail

There are various factors causing Pincer Nails and some of them are given below –

● Improper and uncomfortable shoe fitting
● Incorrect and improper cutting of nails or a lot of pedicure
● Aging or Old age- a common aspect which happens in elderly
● Complication arising from diseases like degenerative arthritis
● Various health disorder like malnutrition, bad liver, diabetes, etc.

Treatments for Pincer Nail

A sever and bad pincer nail is quite impossible and difficult to correct or make changes and the only option you could have is surgery. In case if the condition is diagnosed during the early stages then corrective treatment and care of the nails can solve the problem and help in having a healthy nail. It could even help in delaying the development of pincer nail and its condition.

In addition, you could try corrective filling which can make your nail grow naturally as it needs to be and thereby help in avoiding any kind of damages to your nails. It would even help in ensuring that the nails grow in proper position and help in avoiding the nail plate from pinching and hitting the skin. You could even go for corrective surgery which is commonly used by cosmetic surgeons. This is only recommended by individuals who are suffering from irritating pincer nail condition.

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