Paronychia causes and treatment

What is Paronychia?

Paronychia is a nail disease, which start next to nail (at the spot where nail meet skin). This is caused by fungus. This infection resembles a red, swollen, painful part. If it’s for short period then it is called acute paronychia, if lasted for more than 6 weeks then chronic paronychia. This infection may also spread to cuticles.

How these fungus attack nail fold?

When you’re affected by fungus then you must realize that you’re not taking much care of your hands. There are many ways through which fungi gets invade. Like…

  • Prolonged exposure to water
  • Sucking fingernails
  • Dish-washing without rubber gloves
  • Cutting cuticles, nail biting etc…
  • Using chemical ingredient’s products

These are the many reasons through fungus attack.

Sign and symptoms of Paronychia

You see red, swollen, hot and painful thing near your nail, filled with pus (yellow liquid).

Acute Paronychia is caused by bacterial infection, while chornic paronychia is caused by fungus for which you need to use antifungal cream.

What Causes nail bed infection?

As already mentioned in this post. It is caused by bacteria, fungus and other micro germs.

  1. Bacteria causes acute infection a sudden infection.
  2. Candida, a fungus causes chronic infection and lasts longer, more than 6 weeks. No pus to appear
  3. Other germs which causes less infection.

How to treat Paronychia?

Now that you know what are causing the infection, there are three things which causes bacteria, fungus and germs. If you see it is acute infection then try with antibiotic cream. If you experience more pain than you can try painkiller and paracetamols.

If you see no improvements after trying for few days, then consult a Doctor.

For fungal infection, try anti-fungal cream. This takes 3-6 months to cure. But it’s better to consult a Doctor if you feel insecure.

Don’t try this

  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Don’t cut cuticles.
  • Don’t expose nails to water for longer hours.
  • Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes.

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