How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Hands?

Dry skin is not uncommon; most people experience this at some point of life. Dry skin on hands is caused by excessive bathing, environment or sometimes through genetics. Whatever the cause you can hydrate your skin with regular care. To moisturize the skin, whether skin on hands or on other parts of the body. There […]

Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Nails?

Without any doubt nails have much more to tell about you and your health. Nails help you to scratch an annoying itch, attract people and to pick anything. Just think how painful it would be to hold anything with fingers when you’ve cut in nails. According to a report Americans spend billions on nail products […]

Why Are My Cuticles So Dry?

Our hands are exposed to dirt and dust, than any other parts of the body. Nails in particular, gather much dirt/dust. Though we take care of our body, we don’t pay much attention to cuticles when compared to other parts. Reason for neglecting is that, they’re small and not everyone will notice them. But the […]

Yellow Cuticles – Reason for color change

If you’re not aware of what a cuticle is, it’s a thin skin layer surrounding nails. It protects nail bed form bacterial and fungal infection. Here is the detailed post on cuticle. If you see yellow color surrounding cuticles or your cuticles turning to yellow color then you must know that your cuticles are infected. […]

Is it Safe to Apply Gel Nails (gel manicure) During Pregnancy?

Gel manicure refers to extension of nail with UV lamp or LED light. Main purpose of gel manicure is to look good or to attract people. Whatever may be the reason you must think twice before using it. Why? Gel manicure includes few chemicals which can harm your skin and nails. It includes methacrylate monomers […]

Vicks VapoRub for Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus is caused by fungi called dermatophytes. Causes, symptoms and treatment of toenail fungus are discussed in previous post. Still, if you’re looking out for most effective yet home available medicine then go for Vicks VapoRub. Vicks VapoRub has thyme as ingredient which has potential to cure fungus. For the first time when we heard […]

Why Do Fingers and Toes prune underwater

You might have observed this, when you soak your fingers or toes in water for more than 30 minutes then, you see wrinkles on them. Before, people used to think the reason why fingers prune underwater was because of skin’s outer layer which swell when soaked in water, as the outer layer tightly attached to […]

Fingernail Clubbing Causes, Symptoms and Pictures

Fingernail clubbing or nail clubbing in ancient times called known as Hippocratic fingers because Hippocrates was first to identify this has a disease. Nail clubbing forms swelling at the joint where nail meet cuticle to form an angle, clubbing of nail increases that angle. What it tells about my health? (Nail clubbing causes) As you […]

Finger Joint Pain and Swelling

It’s common that fingers get painful either by a trauma or disease. If finger joint pain is due to an injury then it’s because the injury affected your finger blood vessel, bone, muscle or joint. Yes, it starts with a swell and cause sever pain. In case you hit your finger with an hammer or […]

Diabetes and Nail fungus – What Must Know

Toenail fungus is most common disease to worry about. Though this is seen in most of adults diabetic patients have to worry more. It (fungus) not only grows more in diabetes also tough to heel. Nail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is caused by fungi. A fungi gets invades body through a small cut or […]