Best Natural Nail Polish You Never Heard About

Whatever nail polish you use it contains chemicals. So we personally don’t recommend nail polishes, even natural nail polish contains chemicals but they are free from three such chemicals which are very harmful (toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde).

Nail polish blocks oxygen to enter to your nails which makes difficult for nails to breathe making them dry and weak. But as we see we’re in a culture where nail polish is common and applying it is recognized as a social status. This culture is not new even hundreds of years back Royal family men used to paint there nails red which was recognition of their status, as now-a-days it’s not the matter though to some extent it’s same.

nail polish with chemicals unhealthy

Anyway for those who want to know why nail polish is not recommended read on here.

And those who want to know about natural nail polish brand continue reading.

When I Google we found few such brands which are striving to manufacture nail polish without harmful chemicals which am going to list here. But remember that you’re just minimizing the amount of chemicals even these has some chemicals to some extent.

1. Priti NYC

This natural nail polish is completely non-toxic and made without DBP. Durable, glossy and contains UV inhibitor.

2. Zoya

This nail polish began with small nail salon and then transformed to major brand. There nail polish is free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde.

3. Butter London

They are well known for their fashion. And free from three-free (three chemicals).

4. Sante

If you’re looking got professional and long lasting nail polish then you can try this.


Fantastic Natural Nail Polishes

Natural Nail Polish Brands

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