Nail Separating from Nail Bed – Onycholysis

Medically nail separation is known as Onycholysis. Nail plate gets detached from nail bed, but it’s not painful. Once the space is provided underneath the nail chances of infection doubles. If you see yellow color on nails then it’s a bacterial infection and while color is a yeast infection.

nail bed separation Onycholysis


So to avoid these infections you need to treat Onycholysis as soon as possible. Before that lets look on causes of nail separation.

Onycholysis Causes

Though there are number of factors which causes Onycholysis, but Doug Schoon (science and technology for Creative Nail Design) says that physical trauma is main cause, repeated manicure with high quality tools makes nail bed weak, this damages nail bed. Making nail plate to detach form it. Schoon says that even typing and fingern tapping also take a toll on nails. Chemical exposure of nails mostly during manicures and pedicures is main reason behind nail separation. A wound or injury can also cause nail separation.

Here at we think that long nails causes pressure on nails. While wearing shoes the tip of toenails take brunt of the pressure. Repeated pressure on the part separate nail plate from nail bed.

How to treat?

Onycholysis  treatment depends on damage caused and the extent of nail lifting.

If your nail detached then you must stay away from water and avoid trauma to affected nail. In case of woman they can use light rubber gloves if they wanna get in contact of water.

Schoon advises to remove nail with nippers and treat.

If nail gets affected by fungus then initially it’s advised to clean it and then treat. Nail techs who’re licensed can handle these things. But beware not all nail techs are trained to handle Onycholysis.



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