Nail Care Tips – An Ultimate Guide to Take Care Of Your Nails

Nails it can be fingernails or toenails both are very important in our daily life. Without which it’s really hard to hold anything, those who got fingernail or toenail cut know how hard it is to work with wounded nail.

Nails add-up beauty to your hands and legs. Socially and personally healthy and strong nails helps you move confidently. When you shake hands it’s your nails which will be watched. Dry, dark and brittle nails may end-up bad impression on you.

So you must take care of your nails like you take care of your health. Because “your nails show up your health”. Look at your nails, are they clear white and strong?

nail care tips - ultimate guide


Then you must read on this post without skipping it. (Don’t skip it’s about your health)

Like I said before your nails tell about your health. First thing is you must take care of your health. Dark, weak and splitting nails are result of bad health. Like all other parts of your body nails too need vitamins and proteins to grow and be strong.

And not just diet you must look at few more things as nails are delicate you must pamper your nails. (No no it’s gonna be easy all you need is will to take care of your nails.)

Nail care tips you must read

1. Check-out your diet

First thing first, what you eat is what it shows. These days we spend lots of time over internet and pay very less or no time for good diet. Whatever comes on our way we eat it. This shouldn’t be the case from now. Are you with me? Yes!

Take food which are good in vitamin and proteins. Before that let me tell what happens when you don’t take vitamins.

Obviously when you don’t take enough vitamins and proteins you will have vitamin deficiency. Lets say you don’t take enough Iron in your diet which is important for red blood cells which carry oxygen. Which then result in Anemia. Which causes your nails and other body parts to change their color. Nails get ridges.

Read on – What to eat for Iron Deficiency

Like wise when you’ve Zinc deficiency your nails split and peel, making it weak and you see they fall often.

So what are important vitamins for nails?

Vitamin A, C, B-complex and Biotin which is also B-complex, vitamin E etc… Read on here for more. Like wise read calcium deficiency.

In simple words, take red meat, egg yolk, dark green leafy vegetables, carrot, beetroot and drink excess water.

2. Wear gloves when needed

While doing house hold works and while going out in winter do wear gloves. While washing wear rubber gloves and when going out wear cotton gloves. And don’t soak your nails in water for longer time as it weakens your nails.

3. Regular maintenance is needed

Nails are delicate and they need to be pampered. Regular manicure and pedicure are important. Wash your hands when you’re done with house hold works. And don’t forget to apply moisturizer, after washing like you do to your face.

Not needed to go out for manure, you can take manicure at home, here is the guide.

4. Don’t do this

Though you take good diet and practice manicure, if you’re doing this then nail fungus may attack your fingernails and toenails.

  • Don’t use other’s shoes.
  • Don’t use unwashed socks.
  • Use flippers in public swimming pools.
  • Wash your hands and dry it, also apply moisturizer.
  • Take care of your toenails as you do to fingernails.
  • Cut your nails, how?.
  • Stop biting your nails.
  • File your nails, with nail file.
  • Don’t use harmful chemical products.
  • Stay away from nail polish, read on here.
  • Don’t use your nails as tools.
  • Don’t delay if you see yellow or black lines on your finger nails.
  • Nails often fall when you don’t have enough vitamins or due to fungus.
  • Toenails are often affected by nail fungus.
  • Don’t get depressed and feel stress.

Different age groups and gender need different type of nail care here are few guide for them.


Nail care tips for women
Nail care tips for men and
Nail care tip for girls

Nail fungus is common and most found nail disease.

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