Nail Care Tips During Pregnancy

Hairs and nails grow faster and it makes restless to have long nails. Proper nail care should be followed during pregnancy. You can practice manicures and pedicures at home or visit any salon. But see that you don’t take harmful nail products like nail polish.

Though few say nail polish is not harmful for your pregnancy we recommend to stay away from them as they’ve lots of chemicals. Nail polish is deadly sin.

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nail care during pregnancy If you see that your nails are weak and brittle then try with nail hardener and see that you’re getting enough calcium in your diet. As it shows what you eat.

Try pedicure at home if you can’t go out, trim your nails using nail cutter, if you’re not able to do it. Take your partner help. Initially wash your feet and cut nails, also file them using a nail file. Make sure that your toenails are free form dust and dirt.

Manicure is what you can do on yourself, cut your nails, don’t bit your nails or cuticles. Using nail file file them, if you see any fungus on your fingernails reach doctor immediately or use medicine to remove fungus, here it’s most used fungus removal medicine.

For home based manicure or pedicure, try this process.

Take equal quantity of brown sugar and olive oil and mix them in  a basin, then massage your hands and legs with it. After some time place your feet in the basin of warm water and wash them off. Pat dry and apply yummy spelling moisturizer.

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