Nail Care Routine You Shouldn’t Miss

We all know what a routine mean, it’s a sequence of work or action done on regular basis without fail. Well this doesn’t mean daily, but on regular intervals of time or day.

Now coming to nail care routine, nail care is very important to keep nails health and look good, as we all use hands most of the time to meet new person or anyone whom we love, bad nails may give a bad impression. Not only this, you will experience sever pain when fungus invade your nails.

Regular washing and manicure or pedicure which can practice at home will certainly help you and stop fungus from invading.

One fellow nail care blogger shared her nail care routine on her blog, which am going to share here.

Step – 1 Removing Nail Polish

If you’re one who use nail polish frequently then use acetone polish remover (which is not great for nails), else you can use non-acetone to remove polish.

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Step – 2 Trim your nails once a week

Use nail clippers which make a square shaped nails, as cutting nails to the edge may expose inner parts of your nails to fungus and also will be painful.

Don’t forget to read on tips shared here, about cutting nails.

Step – 3 Do nail filing after cutting nails

Once you’re done with cutting nails file jagged edges to give a uniform look to your nails. Ange of uses glass nail file and suggest that emery board file will work fine.

Read on tips on using nail file.

Step – 4 Then go on with nail buffer

Which is a small object with rectangular in shape with 4 sides to it. . Nail File, 2. Remove Ridges, 3. Buff & Smooth, and 4. Polish & Shine. Skip those steps which you’ve done already.

Step – 5 Wash your hands

Then after wash your hands in a Luke warm water, with gentle soap. You can read on a post on hand care tips which you might have missed.

Step – 6 Apply moisturizer

After washing hands with soap, skin become dry if you don’t apply moisturizer. Which I discussed here. Ange moisturizes twice a day (morning and night) with a cuticle cream and nail strengthener, plus regular hand lotion that she use throughout the day.

Pretty good at caring! Isn’t it?

Step – 7 and 8

These steps are optional. Applying vinegar to nails with cotton removes oily substance on your nails. And Protein to keep nails underneath strong.

Do you’ve different nail routine? Share with us and we’ll make it to our blog.

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