Nail Bed Injury Causes, Treatment and Pictures

Before going in detail about nail bed injuries lets initially start with what is nail bed, where it is situated and what are it’s functions.

Nail bed is located under the nail plate, it consists of blood vessels. Nail bed is responsible for sensing when something is touched. More on nail bed is here.

What happens when nail bed is injured?

Nail is sensitive part of nail which consists of lots of blood vessels. When it gets injured either by hitting anything or by a cut, first thing it will be very painful and it will almost impossible for you hold anything.

If you opted to be lazy and not treat nail bed injury then bacteria or fungus can invade injured part, which can spread to other nails.

No, it’s not end. Injured nail bed can be very painful and you can’t go out like you used to before. This increases depression, stress and shatters your self-confidence.

Nail bed injury causes

Nail bed injuries are caused by various reasons. One common reason is a cut. While you try to cut nails and accidentally cuts cuticle or nail bed. Other causes can be as fallows.

  1. Laceration or Puncture wounds, a deep cut in skin.
  2. Subungual hematoma.
  3. Paronychia.
  4. Fingertip caught in a door.
  5. Hitting finger or toenail with hammer.
  6. Drilling or cutting with sharp material which went through nail injuring nail bed.
  7. Hitting ground/floor heavily.

These were few of them which can cause nail bed injury.

Nail bed injuries treatment

Initial first aid is must, as soon as your nail bed gets injured try to stop bleeding. Then apply ointment to stop bacterial infection. After then there are different ways to treat injury depending on extent of injury.

  • If injury is small then anti-bacterial ointment is enough.
  • Sever nail bed injuries need some extra treatment like, if nail is broken then it must be taken to consult doctor. Sometimes blood gets gathered when you hit the ground hardly, this is seen mostly in football players. At that time it’s recommended to make a hole which will release the gathered blood.
  • Injuries where skin is damaged other part of skin is replaced.

Note: If you’ve experienced sever nail bed injury then consult your doctor immediately. Take care of your skin.

Nail bed injury pictures

Image source: 1,2,3,4,5



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