Nail Bed Fungus Treatment and Causes

Nail bed fungus occurs when you experience nail laceration, mean when your nail plate get separated from nail bed. When nail plate is separated then a gap is formed which makes easy for fungus or bacteria to invade nail bed.

Nail Bed Fungus Causes

nail bed injured Main cause for nail bed fungus to grow is nail bed injury. When your nail gets hit by a hammer or when a nail is drilled into your nail accidentally, blood gather forming black color. To remove this you need to either make hole and release gathered blood or cut it.

In serious cases nails get separated from nail bed when you don’t treat it and take out of reach from water and dust fungus or yeast attacks your nails. From there it spread to other nails causing painful in some cases.

Nail Bed Fungus Treatment

It extremely tough to stay away from fungi, when you’ve a small cut, break or tear fungus starts from there damaging main part of your nail i.e. nail bed. Damaged nail bed can’t hold your nail plate strong and have no ability to pass on needed proteins to nail plate, so they get detached.

It can go worse if you don’t treat.

Initial thing to do is, when you get hit or nailed by anything you do first aid, then rush to nearby Doctor. If the pain is serious then you may need small surgery to remove or replace nail. Once it’s treated you must stay away from water and dirt. Follow the medicine prescribed by doctor.

In case of small injuries, after first aid apply anti biotic ointment (if you’ve one) and stay away from water and dirt. In extreme cases wear rubber or cotton gloves to get in contact with water.

Here are few users sharing their experience with nail bed fungus.

As the seal that binds the nail plate to the nail bed is ‘eaten’ away by the fungal spores, the nail plate will separate from the nail bed. The fungal spores eat the proteins in the nail plate for food and live deep within the underlying soft tissues of the nail bed as well as deep within the layers of the nail plate. This is why it is so hard to get rid of it!

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