Myxoid Cysts – Causes and Treatment

What is a Myxoid Cyst?

These are largely known as digital mucous and scientifically one may call them the pseudo cyst. The pseudo cyst is an unusual and weird kind of growth appearing on the fingers. Apparently, it is the deteriorated tissues that form these cysts. Sometimes, a cyst is just osteoarthritis i.e. just another type of arthritis. Of course, that doesn’t uncomplicated the matters, it is still a risky affair. Elder people and women are most prone to these. These cysts are seen more often on fingers and less often on toes.

Symptoms of the Disease

So, how does one recognise that they are suffering from the dreaded disease? It isn’t all that difficult. One only needs to watch out for the signs and symptoms. One of the most basic things that you ought to know is that it is a myxoid only if it is on the fingers. More often than not, you will find them under the nails or on the edges near the nails. At times, they occur at the base of the nail too. If you are suffering from a cyst, you will see a change in your nails too. You will see grooves and depressions near your nails if you have a cyst. Sometimes, the cysts are entirely unnoticeable and hence, go ignored.

Identifying the Occurrence or Presence of the Cyst

What exactly does your cyst look like? How do you identify the cyst? If you see a nodule on any part of your finger that feels hardened, it is a cyst. Sometimes, it isn’t hardened and feels fluctuant which means it is in its formative stages. There exists a fluid inside the cysts which isn’t very pleasant. It is extremely sticky and thick and a little yellow in colour. It isn’t a very pleasant feeling to encounter this fluid. You can take care not to burst the cyst in the absence of medical supervision. You never know what will happen if you don’t take the necessary precaution.

Should you seek Medical Care?

Hence, as soon as you have spotted the cyst, go ahead and seek medical care. Though, more often than not, they simply disappear on their own. However, if you are finding it difficult to carry on with your routine or the cyst is painful then, you definitely shouldn’t be ignoring it. In that case, you really need help. However, ensure that you conduct some research so that you are not only familiar with the treatments coming your way but also better prepared to face them. Moreover, you are also safeguarded from misleading doctors if you are completely aware and well informed.

Before the doctor begins with treatment, he may ask you to undergo an MRI, X-ray etc. in order to ensure that you are indeed suffering from the myxoid cyst. Even though, the cyst disappears in no time, it recurs equally fast. It is necessary to then visit a dermatologist or a surgeon.

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