Men Nail Care Tips – An Ultimate Guide to take care


Men are known to not paying attention to their nails. Main reason what I think is, most men think taking care of nails is a girl thing and some don’t know about manicure and pedicure.

And they end-up with athlete’s foot, nail discoloration and other nail fungus problems. Here we’re going to discuss about few basic nail care tips which you(men) can follow to keep their nails free from fungus.

Don’t worry it’s gonna very simple, nothing serious like girls.

Take care while trimming your nails

Tracey Vlahovic of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine says that, if you’re trimming your nails take care that you don’t cut nails too close which can expose nails inner part which will be painful and cause infection.

Best way is you use nail clippers which you can get from nearest drug store. These nail clippers will cut the nails in a natural way with rounded corners.

So next time you cut your nails see you’ve a nail clipper.

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Not wearing proper fitting shoes causes blister and Callus

Blister is a small fluid packet which is formed when you wear tight shoes. Like wise Callus is a tough area formed with regular fiction.

This problems is seen in athlete, as they need to wear different shoes, also in football players and other games where you need to use other shoes than yours.

Best way is get shoes which fits you properly.

Wear insoles in your shoes

If you’re working professional who have to stand for long hours or walk lot then normal, then you must use insoles. Insoles is a removable sole worn in a shoe to make yourself comfortable.

Prevent fungal infection

The biggest infection you see is athlete’s foot, as you(men) walk a lot and exposed to dirt and unhygienic places chances of infection is more prominent. And this is more in toenails then fingernails.

As foot are more exposed and taken less care chances of fungal infection to toenails are more compared to fingernails. Here are few tips which you need to follow to keep your feet free from fungus.

  • Wash your feet regularly and dry them thoroughly, wet feet can bring fungus than dry feet.
  • Don’t use others or unwashed socks.
  • Keep your shoes hygienic.
  • Don’t use other’s shoes or socks.
  • Cut your nails with nail clippers.
  • Use the lotion when you see any fungus on your toenails/fingernails.
  • Use flip-flops near swimming pools or changing rooms.

Cure toenail fungus

Invaded fungus can turn your nails yellow and crusty. Vlahovic says that, best way is to use pills for 6 months which can reach fungus in deeper region of nails to cure. Anti-fungal lotions don’t reach the deeper part.

Anyway, I think you must first see if your toenail fungus is of which stage, then use the lotion or pills. If you’re unaware of which stage it is then you can use this medicine which has cured many and I hope can cure yours too!

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