Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Nails?

Without any doubt nails have much more to tell about you and your health. Nails help you to scratch an annoying itch, attract people and to pick anything. Just think how painful it would be to hold anything with fingers when you’ve cut in nails.

According to a report Americans spend billions on nail products and salons. Nail bed which holds blood vessels is covered by nail plate. Nails save you from bacteria, fungus and other infections. You can say your nails guard your fingers.

is nail polish bad for your nails

Nails are made of tightly packed epidermis cells which are considered dead. They’re filled with a protein called keratin. Like other parts of skin nails need oxygen to stay healthy. Dark stripes, lines or ridges could be signs of unhealthy nails.

Nails turn to yellow color when they come in contact with bacteria, fungus or chemicals. And you all knew that nail polish contains chemicals.

Though most of nail polishes today are non-toxic most of them have chemicals has their major ingredient.

  • Chemical called Nitrocellulose found in nail polish which is also used in auto painting.
  • Dilutes includes, ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate, castor oil and other additional chemicals to keep the viscosity of the polish.

Though there are few manufacturer s who’re striving to introduce water-based nail polishes (Anyway some amount of chemicals will be added to maintain viscosity of nail polish). With side effects of nail polish many consumers are looking out for an environmental nail polish.

In some parts of the World, manufacturers need to take permission from government to try chemicals. Even to change the nail polish color different chemicals needed to be added. Such as iron and chromium oxides (for red and yellow), ultramarine (for blue).

Reason behind yellowing of nails can be because of health issues or even with nail polish as mentioned above. When it comes to nail polish, nails absorb some pigments of polish leaving yellow stain on them.

Why Nails Absorb pigments?

Keratin present in nails has ability to absorb water; it can also absorb iron oxides present in nail polish. For instance, take a sink connected to pipers turn to brownish with red stains because of iron oxides. The same way when your nails absorb iron oxide form nail polish they leave yellowish or brownish stains.

Even a nail coat or remover can’t be an effective remedy. Best way is to get away from nail polish. You look good with your natural nails.




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