Is it Safe to Apply Gel Nails (gel manicure) During Pregnancy?

Gel manicure refers to extension of nail with UV lamp or LED light. Main purpose of gel manicure is to look good or to attract people. Whatever may be the reason you must think twice before using it.


gel manicure is not safe in pregnancy

Gel manicure includes few chemicals which can harm your skin and nails. It includes methacrylate monomers type of chemical.  There are few types in methacrylate monomers which are safe to use however, one type called methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) is not safe, as it starts skin irritation, cause allergic reactions, lungs and eye can also affected.

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Already in few parts of the world it is banned, but there are few nail salons which prefer MMA as it’s cheap when compared to other safe chemicals.

During pregnancy your skin may be very sensitive, so it’s better not to go for a manicure, try with natural things. Like every mom you love your baby right? Then, give your baby a natural experience right from your womb. How? Take nutritional diet while pregnant. Prefer highly vitamin concentrated food.

I hope by this time you already met doctor and got advice regarding good diet.

Back to nails.

Unlike acrylic nails, gel manicure need to be removed. The process to remove gel manicure if you already applied is same like that of acrylic nail removal but you need to keep gel manicured nails in-contact with acetone for about 20 minutes.




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