Is it Bad to Cut Your Cuticles?

Hands are most used and hard workers in our whole body. This why we take it as granted and pay very less attention to it. But while going for a party you look at our fingers and nails to make it attractive and beautiful. Most of you visit manicure salon or nail salon for giving an attractive look.

Most manicurist cut your cuticles as it became a habit. And few of you bit cuticles as an absentminded or nervous habit. In both cases you’re harming your fingernails. Initially you must know about what are cuticle and how they protect your.

cuticle care tips Cuticles are strip of skin which appears at the spot where nails connect to body. This stops bacteria from invading nail growth base spot. Cutting or chewing it will leave an empty space from where fungus can invade and infect your nails.

But yes some times you need to remove those dead cuticle cells to make fingernails clean, this is good habit. But you shouldn’t cut for this process instead push them with wooden stick.

Here are Proper cuticle care tips

In simple words, cutting your cuticles is bad and can lead to serious problems while not removing it leave a unhealthy and bad looking nails. So with wooden stick you need to push your cuticles. Consult nail care expert for this process.

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