How to Use a Nail File

Nail files are usually used by the women to have a proper and beautiful shape for their fingernails into a fashionable and gorgeous shape. A nail file is a device that helps in giving a beautiful shape to our nail. This nail file is most often seen in the parlor when they use for the manicure and pedicure. This nail file help in trimming our nail for a particular shape and size, that gives good appearance.

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They are common directions to apply nail file. Before staring the process wash the nails and soak hands.This nail file helps to have a damage free nail.

Nail file is a special way of filing the nails into a rounded shape, square shape, oval shape etc. We can even try this at home. Before having nail file take a nail clipper and just cut a bit off each side of the fingernail not more because we have to shape the nail.  Then now take the nail file and just gently rub the corners of the nail to make them smooth. Grip the nail file parallel and use a bending gesture over the top of the fingernail. Do it to all the nails as the shape you wish to have. This is a kind of nail art.

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These nail files can also see on the nail clipper. But, when we use the nail file we have to follow few steps to get proper nail shape like have to remove the polish that is on our nail, nails to be dry and see that the nail is healthy without any infection. They are different type of nail files like Glass nail file, Crystal nail fine etc. Having glass nail files is good because there are many benefits of these innovative glass nail files that are attractive to the women.

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One of the main advantages of this nail file is that the glass is fixed permanently and consequently the nail files will not get damaged. Comparatively this is better than emery nail files which will completely get worn. Glass nail files help in reducing the amount of fragment, splitting and cracking when used on a regular source like working at office or home.

This nail file should not be done on the wet nail, brittle nails or fungus nail. The shape of the nail can be done on basis of our wish or the finger shape, because all the shapes don’t suit for all types of nails. Be practical and go through the shape which suits you. They are different types of shapes like oval, square, pointed, almond, round etc.

When compared to the female nails male nails are little bit harder. Women have to take care and proper shape of the nail because they handle many work at home, office and sometimes spend outdoor.

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  1. I would even say, that glass nail file is the only file you should use in case you have natural nails.


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