How to Use a Cuticle Pusher?

Cuticle is thin and sensitive skin which covers the part where nail plate meets your body. They protect your nail bed from bacterial and fungal infection.

But at times they dry up leaving your fingers look bad. And most often we cut or bite them to get rid of that ugly look; which is not recommended. Because this leaves a gap from where bacteria may invade and infection could trigger.

cuticle pusher


So, how to tackle with these dry cuticles? Instead of cutting them PUSH them. Here goes the procedure to do.

Pushing Cuticles

Step: 1

First select a cuticle pusher. There are two types of cuticle pushers. 1) Made of steel 2) Made of wood. If your cuticles are strong or tough then choose steel cuticle else wooden cuticle pusher will work. Common cuticle pushers have round tipped at one end and sharp tip at another end.

Step: 2

Apply cuticle remover cream or any moisturizing cream to soften the cuticles. Else you may tear skin. After applying cream leave it for about 2-3 minutes.

Step: 3

Now rinse off the cuticle cream applied on cuticles with lukewarm water. Pat your fingers dry using a towel.

Step: 4

Now start pushing cuticles using rounded tips part of cuticle pusher with angle about 35 to 45 degree. Push them toward base of the nails.

Step: 5

To push cuticles at the corners of the nails use sharp tip of the cuticle remover.


  • Apply olive oil if your cuticles are overly dry.
  • While pushing your cuticles, it’s recommended to rest your nails on a firm surface.
  • Cut your hangnails without causing injury to nail or the skin.
  • Use good quality cuticle pusher.
  • Don’t push too hard, this may tear your skin.

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