How to Treat Cracked Nails

When ever you want to point out something you use your hand and nails isn’t it? And having them split and cracked may raise a uncommon feeling in those around you. Which will in turn reduce your self-confidence.

You might be thinking that malnutrition is only reason of cracked nails. But you’re wrong! Repeated exposure to water also results in splitting nails. As they make nail cells which tightens nails together breaks when they become wet repeatedly. (source)

Before it gets worse you need to take steps to reduce and treat cracked nails.

Can it be possible to treat cracked nails?

fingernail splitting Yes, it’s possible. Following these steps will assure you that you took a preventive measure to prevent cracking and nail splitting.

  1. As mentioned above repeatedly keeping hands in water makes nails weak you must keep nails dry. Use rubber gloves or immediately pat your hands dry when you wash them. Don’t soak hands in tub for longer time.
  2. Treat or cure cracked nails quickly, as tears can go deep and affect nail bed, using nail glue.
  3. As nails normally takes 1 month to grow 0.08 to 0.12 inches, you need patience to recover from nail splitting.
  4. Moisturizing nails is major step to reduce or prevent cracked nails. When you exposure nails to water it breaks down the glue-like keratin which is responsible to strengthen together the top layer of your nail. Chemicals in nail polish can also be reason for this.
  5. Moisturizing is simple, while you apply cream on your hands just make an extra thing by rubbing it around nails. Practice this daily. Moisturizer cream with Proteins (collagen and keratin), Occlusives (petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oil) and Humectants. Its recommended to take time to read these things on the product.
  6. Also avoid nail products which can be harmful nails, like nail polish.

Home Remedies for Cracked Nails

You can’t imagine how frustrating it can be to have cracked nails which in one way degrades us, as having good looking nails is symbol of health conscious. So here are few more things which you can use to treat cracked nails at home.

  • Most important thing is if you’re in contact with water for prolonged hours, then mind to take two rubber gloves.
  • Never use harmful chemicals, spare your nails.
  • Don’t even use nail polish removers which can harm your nails.
  • Switch your soaps, mind to replace your soap with recommended soap.
  • Trim your nails regularly. Don’t grow them longer, long nails tend to break frequently, they also make nail weak.

Splitting of nails horizontally is brittle nails syndrome.

And finally take care of your nails, pamper them they deserve it.



  1. I don’t have my nails in water, but have cracked nails. My Doctor and Science says it could be a vitamin deficiency…. If you have constant cracked nails check with your Doctor.


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