How to Take care your Nails – infographic

how to take care of your nails

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Strong nails are very important to look good. As you know that hands & nails are first thing which are been watched while meeting after face. Unlike face hands and nails spend some time with the person you’re meeting. So having a dull,weak and fungal nails will leave a bad impression.

1. First thing comes here is taking care while cutting nails. Which is very important. Use best nail clipper to trim nails.

2. While washing your hands make sure to clean your nails once a day. It can be with lemon juice or water itself.

3. Don’t use nail polish which contains harmful chemicals, nail polish stops nails from breathing it doesn’t allow oxygen to pass. So it’s better not to use nail polish. Here are the reasons. And don’t use Acetone to remove it. (if you use excess nail polish you can)

For more detailed nail care tips, read on this nail care routine.


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