How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting nails is a very bad habit. In many cases we find this habit in the children. When we keep children aside and find the same habit of biting nails, then teenagers strike in to our mind. Why teenagers? There are many situation these people put their finger into their mouth like waiting for result, when there are tensed, worries etc. Though it is a bad habit people tries for maximum to quite this habit, but fails many times.

Here are some techniques that help us in quitting the habit of nail biting.

#1 Commitment

We might think it is a big deal to quit the biting, but if we are strong enough and has a desire of leaving this habit, we can motivate ourselves into positive attitude. Having positive attitude helps us to get rid of biting.

#2 Have Nail Art

This is also one of the best ways to stop putting our nails into the mouth. Because having beautiful nails with design that look gorgeous and stunning help the people not to put finger in mouth as no one like to spoil the art.

#3 Replace old habit with the new

Stop biting the fingernails instead have another habit which will help us rather than trouble us. “Bad habit with good”

#4 Challenge the problem

Have a look at your nails and you yourself imagine how it looks and what might people think on seeing the bitted nails. Compare our nails with the nails that don’t bit, keeping this in the view we can stop biting our nails. (Also read about Brittle nail causes)

#5 Check frequently

Take a picture of your nail and look at it. It might scare you with its appearance. So whenever you go to bed clean your nails to get them back to normal position.

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#6 Plan Perfectly

This is the best technique to stop ourselves from biting our nails i.e. write every day in your calendar what forced you exactly to bite your nails.

#7 Consult Doctor

Even after lot of trails if you are still unable to stop biting the fingernails and your cuticles causing bleeding, then it would be best to consult your doctor.

#8 Bandage

Tie some bandages to the finger so that you can’t bite you fingernails. Put them daily and try it for a week. You find your nails better than previous. Now you even won’t feel to bit your nails.

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#9 Bitrex solution

This will be vulgar taste so you can’t put them into the mouth. Try this several times and you will find best result.

#10 Wear imitation nails

Wear imitation nails, as this nails contains glue and when we put it into our mouth you feel worse about biting the nail.

#11 Some of the techniques are

Put your mouth always busy

Put your hand in the pockets

Play with the Ball

Chew something like gum, carrot etc.


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