How to Grow Long Strong Nails Naturally

Did you ever thought about growing long and strong nails? And failed? You might have not practiced the exact way. In this article I will show you how you can grow long nails naturally.

Tips to grow long nails naturally

Step 1 : What type of nails do you’ve?

Are they brittle, dry or yellowish or do you’ve dark lines on fingernails? Do they have ridges in them? Make sure you will look at your nails and see what type of nails are they. If you’re healthy without any vitamin deficiency then your nails will be white and strong. But most of them including me have vitamin deficiency, may be because we don’t pay lots of attention on our diet. Back to topic now you knew what types of nails you’ve. Follow steps accordingly to get rid of unhealthy and weak nails.

Best practice to make nails healthy is concentrate on your health. Previously we discussed about this here. Also you must take food on time, as malnutrition affects nails.

Step 2 : Don’t bite your nails

Do you remember in your childhood days, your parents stopped you from biting nails? No nails are not poisonous but biting nails weakens your nails resulting them to break. It’s hard to stop biting nails for those who’re addicted, applying polish or any other substance which taste bitter can stop you.

Don’t neglect stop biting nails.

Step 3 : File your nails regularly

Naturally nails grow uneven, file them with nail file in a shape. Filing nails will stop them to break. File nails to same length, keep a nail file with you like a keychain.

Step 4 : Be health conscious

Like discussed above your nails show what you eat. Take more amount to vitamins in your diet which your nails love.

  1. Vitamin A – helps in nail growth, if you’re worried with short nails then consume vitamin A rich food.
  2. Vitamin C  deficiency known has “hang nails”, Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin E, good for blood circulation, to increase nail growth.
  4. Eat carrot for carotene.

More here.

This step is vital for strong nail growth. Iron, zinc and vitamin B are also very important for nails. Spend some time on researching most needed vitamins sources of your nails. Along with above listed vitamins Biotin, carotene are needed.

Most of you don’t love to do this so just eat more raw and natural things fruits, red meat, egg, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, radish, carrot and citrus fruits.

More on vitamins and there food resources are here.

interesting facts abou tnails Step 5 : Drink more water

Most part of our body contains water. Not taking required amount of water result in dehydration, and causes many problems. So drink as much water as you can.

Few more tips

  • Apply moisturizer to avoid dry and brittle nails.
  • Use rubber gloves while washing and doing household works.
  • Wear gloves while going out in summer and in bad weather.
  • Don’t apply chemical and harmful nail polish.
  • Cut your nails regularly.
  • Don’t biting nails.
  • Keep them clean.
  • Push cuticles.
  • Pamper your nails they deserve it.

Do you’ve more tips share in comments.


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