How to Give Yourself Manicure in 8 Steps

Manicure is a beauty care for fingers that is made at beauty salon as well as at home. Manicure is used to clean, wash, massage, shape and paint the nails to look dazzling. Most of our daily work will be done with our hands when compared to other parts of our body. Most of the ladies who do all the work with the hands at home like washing, cleaning dishes, rubbing the floor, because of the chemicals we use to clean will damage our fingers. To have beautiful fingers we have to follow few steps so that being at home we can give a good treatment to our nails.

give yourself manicure 1. Clean your hands with nail remover if you have polish to your fingers.

2. Now cut the nails and shape as you like to do. Use a nail shaper to shape your finger. If it is not available use the nail cutter to shape the nails.

3. While you are shaping the nails be careful when you move it up and down directions. Excess force will weaken the nail and may lead to breakage.

4. Use buff nail, it is stick type nail buffer that buff the surface of the nail and smoothen the edges

5. Remove the dust that is available on the corner or under your nails.

6. Take bowl with warm water and add soap and soak the hands in the water. Salt will help you to remove the gems; this is for the ladies who regularly clean the floor and vessels.

7. Remove nails from the bowl and dry them.

nails design 8. Now apply hand cream or any lotion and massage gently in up and downward direction. This massage will help in proper blood circulation.

Repeat the same process with on other hand. Now your hands looks better compared, and for a professional look apply nail polish and let it dry for 5mins.

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