How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

There is abundance of misinformation regarding foot fungus, toenails fungus and athlete’s foot. All of these nail diseases are annoying. But don’t worry you can treat it.

Before getting deep into steps to treat foot fungus, let me share few common causes of foot fungus.

Causes of Foot Fungus

  • Fungi invades in moist and poorly ventilated areas.
  • Wearing unwashed shoes.
  • Sharing others socks/shoes.
  • Walking barefoot in public places.
  • Wearing socks made of synthetics.
  • Not cleaning your foot.

Above all these not taking care of your foot can lead many nail diseases like Morton’s foot, foot fungus and toenails fungus.

Things you need before starting

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

  1. White Vinegar.
  2. Vitamin rich diet.
  3. Tea tree oil/garlic.
  4. Regular exercise.
  5. and few more home available items.

Procedure to get rid of foot fungus

#1 Take vitamin rich diet

Your body deserves good diet. Improve your immune system to fight diseases. Having weak immune system puts you in opportunistic infections.

#2 Do regular exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation which is good for immune system, to improve blood circulation in foot start walking/running.

#3 Apply tea-tree oil on affected areas

After few tests it’s been proved that tea tree oil is effective to cure diseases which include Athlete’s foot, fungal infection and mild acne. 25% or 50% of strong tea tree oil can cure the infection in 4 weeks. Tea tree oil is derived from tea tree leaves, it’s also applied to skin to cure skin infections.

#4 Garlic to reduce fungal infection

It’s been claimed that garlic can cure athlete’s foot and can be used as effective medicine to reduce fungal infection. More than one third of Americans use complementary methods to cure fungal infection (source). Garlic contains ajoene which is anti fungal compound to treat fungus.

Study has been carried out with 50 fungus infected people, two months later it been proved that garlic with 1% ajone in it has 100% cure rate.

But Ajoene is not available commercially. Experts suggest to adding few finely crushed garlic to foot.

#5 Consult Doctor

In serious cases consult doctor. Also prescribed medicines can sure foot fungus.

#6 Treat with vinegar

Mix a part of vinegar with 2 parts of water and soak your feet in it for about 15-20 minutes. Practice it for thrice for a week.


  • Don’t use nail polish.
  • Apply Hydrogen peroxide on affected part with a clean cloth.
  • Make sure you dry between toes.
  • To avoid fungus spreading washing your hands after handling fungus infected toenails.



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