How to Clean Toenails – 5 easy steps everyone can follow

Mostly feet are labelled as not attractive parts. Having dirt toenails can make things worse. Good looking toenails makes us comfortable in parties and in meetings. You might think that as I don’t remove my shoes why I need to worry about cleaning toenails. You must know that even wearing shoes can’t avoid bacteria to invade. These bacteria can slowly grow and you might get toenail fungus which makes your toes painful.

This is why even if you’re wearing shoes or slippers you must clean your toenails.

how to clean toenails

And it’s not uncommon that toenails become dirty. It’s common no need to worry about it. And ways to clean toenails are easy. No need to go to pedicure centers every week. If you follow these simple steps which you can, your toenails will be clean and good looking.

5 easy steps to clean toenails

Step 1 : Wash your feet and toenails

Don’t be in a feeling that you’re wearing shoes so no need to wash, wearing shoes can’t stop bacteria invade. Socks and slippers will also have high rate of bacteria exposure. Using lukewarm water to wash your feet this will kill bacteria and avoid fungus naturally.

Step 2 : Use brush to clean toenails

Dirt accumulate more on toenails and it can’t be removed by washing. You need to use brush to clean dirt, as dirt stays in corner. Also use soap. Use brush to clean toenails regularly while bathing.

Step 3 : Cut your toenails regularly

Long nails attract more dirt and become tough to remove it. Keep them short. Long nails tend to break frequently. Shape it with nail cutter and file them to have good looking nails. Women love to keep long nails but you must think about the bacteria and dirt which will get deposit on those long nails.

Step 4 : Use Nail filer to remove dirt beneath nails

Most nail cutters have this, the pointed cleaner stick will be helpful to clean the corners of toenails. Wash your feet before cleaning with filer, as this reduces nail filer’s work.

Note: Be gentle while using nail filer on wet toenails as you might hurt your nails.

Step 5 : Use moisturizer after washing

To keep out of dryness apply moisturizer to your feet. This also helps to avoid foot cracks.

Do you know any more tips to clean toenails? Share with us in comments.

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